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  I acquired my 1968 Pontiac in July, 2010, after searching for months, I stumbled onto my Bonneville convertible when listing my Miata for sale on Craigslist. And here she was, right in my own back yard, only 45 miles away in Florida! She was exactly what I had been looking for, a good looking daily driver (opposed to a show car). She needed a lot of work, but, the price was right, as was the basics of the vehicle. I didn't even know when I purchased her that she had the 428 H.O. engine! 390 H.P. stock, which, definitely makes her a true muscle car of the 1960s!   I purchased my Pontiac after someone had started a restoration some time ago. The car had been painted, new grille, bumpers, carpets and the front seat was recovered. Of course this left many things still not working or not restored. In about two months time I had the car on the road minus a couple of functions.

I have now finished a few things, steering link repair, new AC unit w/defrost and heat, new wiper motor and repair of linkage, new water pump and hoses and a general cleaning treatment and painting the under carriage and frame parts one area at a time. The pictures below show where the car is at the moment!

  The interior door panels, rear quarter panels and window rubber seal strips have all been replaced. At this point the car looks quite well inside and out. I am looking forward to many fun miles in the coming months.

I drove the car to many cruise-ins, a few shows, won two trophies, and made some nice day trips. I sold the car on Craigslist again to a fellow from New Orleans in 2015. I enjoyed bringing it back and driving it very much, but, t9ime to move on.

The first four pictures are pictures are, "as purchased", the balance are after  work completely finished!